Eat healthy and work out. An unhealthy trader has less Energy and a slower thought process.

Only a good Plan with great execution generates serious profits.

Having Scanners like can dramatically help your performance by finding our patterns.

To be the best trader you must be ready to leave friends/family at all times to capture opportunities.

Try not to Buy stocks unless they form any one of the patterns I taught you, breakout over past highs and news like earnings win.

Smaller accounts should be more aggressive with position size, as making 10% on $500 position isn`t as good as making 10% on a $2000 position.

Being meticulous about the patterns, it will make you the best trader.

Zen Millionaires Tips

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ZenMillionaires Tips

Don`t be a desperate trader--Let the best trades come to you. But when there are no great trades, go outside and live and spend time with family and friends.

Always be prepared to strike when there are solid opportunities just like a sniper in waiting.

Always go into a trade with a specific plan of what to get out at, both the ideal exit spot and the spot to exit the trade if it turns on you.

It is okay to be wrong if you cut your losses quickly.

Ignore non-volatile, illiquid stocks. Focus only on active stocks that match the patterns taught in class.

10-20-30% gains in a few hours or days are predictable. But, not 100-200-300% gains. Focus on taking as many predictable profits as possible. But donĀ“t get greedy.

Study patterns, find them in the 3-6 and 9-month charts and track them.

NEVER go all-in, no matter how good a stock looks. It's not worth risking disaster.

You can`t trade stocks if you have $50-$300. The commissions per trade will eat you alive. Save until you have at least $4000-$5000.

Don`t take any days off, it takes only minutes a day to check on the markets, just to see if there`s anything Hot. It stinks to miss golden opportunities.

Think as a retired trader who only comes back to trade GREAT set ups to prevent over-trading not so great set ups.