Q:  I don't like trading too often. I like to hold a stock for at least a week if not longer. What about my investment style?

Answer:  I have students start with as little as $600. Ideally, I suggest starting with $3,000 – $10,000 why? (a common 10% day profit gain would mean $500-$1000 in one day). NOTE...To be able to trade every day without the annoying 3-day delay after every trade you need an account over $25k.

Frecuently asked Questions!

Answer: 1-5 stock picks per day. Depending on market activity. Very slow days could mean no Alerts that day. They can be both swing trades (holding overnight), day trades, or Shorts. You will also get weekly Hotlists with 5-10 stock picks for that week.

Answer: Starting up is easy. Common investment banks like Etrade, Fidelity, Thinkorswim and Suretrader, allow you to start online today. For example, I use Fidelity and Interactive brokers. Opening the account is online and pretty simple. And some of them give you a practice demo account so you can test your trading strategy.

Answer: this strategy works for any investment style. Many of my students hold their investments for days or 1-2 weeks with amazing results. The weekly Hotlist is very effective for this method. You can be sure most of our alerts make great longer gains as well.

Answer: With ZenAlerts you receive a text  on your phone telling you ZenMillionaire just made a BUY a SELL or watching a Stock. Plus weekly HotLists of stocks that He likes (hot stocks about to make a move). By using the 4 technical chart indicators, He is able to accurately identify potential entry and exit prices, and you can benefit too by following his moves.

These are some of the frequent questions but anything not here can be found on a quick google search 

 Q:  How many stocks can I expect?

Answer: YES! and is easy to do the math. There are 252 trading days in a year so :

--profit $390/day to earn $100k a year--- profit $1900/day to earn $500k a year--- profit $3900/day to earn $1Million a year. 

(I just made $4800 in one day last week so if you know an easier way to become a millionaire let us know.)

Q: What are " ZenAlerts"?

 ***Alerts simply means that I have taken a trade and it is for information purposes only. It is NOT a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any stock, The alert service is not intended to replace your trades, but to supplement your trade analysis and information with more high probability trade setups. by signing up and subscribing you acknowledge you read and agree with our disclaimer.

            Q:  How Much Capital Do I need To Start With? 

*ZenCoach has Limited Availability As I only work with 7 students at a time.

(Recommend read Napoleon Hill "Think and grow Rich", "The Law of Attraction" and "The Secret")

       Q: How and where can I open my own trading account?

Q:  Can I really become a ZenMillionaire?