Q:  I don't like trading too often. I like to hold a stock for at least a week if not longer. What about my investment style?

Answer:  In the first class you learn first to find stocks that take 6-9 days to break out. With this practice as you develop experience, your  will soon find stocks that rise on the same day. Like Zen and the Master traders. Even so, investing for 1-2 week brings excellent results too. The alerts generate great long term gains.

--- profit $390/day    equals to  $100k a year

--- profit $1900/day  equals to  $500k a year

--- profit $3900/day  equals to  $1Million a year

Answer: With ZenAlerts, you receive an Automatic text Alert when Zen buys and sells. And in the Chatroom and Facebook group Zen and other Master traders Alert before they make their investments. You can use that on your practice or research. 

Q:  Is it a contract?      Can I cancel anytime?

Q:  Can I really make a living or become a Millionaire?

Answer: First practice free. The practice account is free, here is video on how to. 

Get the Class and join the group. You can open your account anytime you feel ready to invest, in any bank. most popular banks or brokers are: Etrade, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade. 

Answer:   It is Not a contract and No obligations. But payments are automatic, so if you only want 3 or 12 months, let us know before your next payment, OR cancel Before, from your Paypal account. Since the payments and charges are final and are NOT refundable.

Q: What are the "ZenAlerts" ?

Frecuently asked Questions!

Answer:  1-3 alerts per day. From 9am-4pm. In the chatroom and Facebook group Zen and other traders post their alerts and activity before they buy. Plus a weekly list of companies that are good potential.

 Q:  How many Alerts can I expect?

       Q: What do I need, how can I open my own trading account?

Answer:  I have students start with as little as $600. I started years ago with only $900. First practice and then I suggest starting with $3,000 – $10,000 To be able to invest in 4 or more stocks at the same time. 

Answer:  YES! and but you need to Study and practice. 
​There are 252 trading days in a year so :​

            Q:  How Much Capital Do I need To Start With?