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This is the ZENmillionaire Strategy

The truth is you don’t have to be glued to your computer screen in order to find high-quality trades that turn monster profits.

  • Step 1 If you are new to trading is to download and complete the ZenMillionaire Class.
  • Step 2 Start receiving the alerts when I buy and Sell while you trade your own account.
  • Step 3 practice and master the strategy.

No experience required, just dedication. For a limited time class is free when you sign up. Start today and further your education! Would you Ace a test without studying? NO! I will show you how to trade stocks, how to day trade and give you access to hot day trading tips. Success is all about picking the right stock chart patterns at the exact right time to maximize risk/reward. 

Step ​3- Make Money

Sit back and wait for next opportunity 

Step ​1- Get Text Alerts & Education


I use 4 indicators that proved successful and made me a lot of money, over and over again.

  1. Secret Fibonacci pattern.
  2. "9" EMA.(Moving Average)
  3. Volume range.
  4. Timing.

Next, keep practicing & looking for stocks that show the 4 indicators. Think like Warren Buffet, or any retired trader. Waiting for the next opportunity as you keep following my trades and weekly picks. Remember, every day there are over 15 companies that gain 20% or more, so there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone. You might finally realize that money does come easily and frequently :)

Step ​2- Practice Live Trading


This is the ZENmillionaire Strategy

I teach you how to implement these indicators. Download the class, we offer Free guide when you subscribe for the 3 months or 1-year text alert service.

With the ZenAlerts you know what I'm buying and selling real-time. You will learn faster and minimize risk. All my trades are 1-7 days hold time. That means less risk, by buying & selling usually on the same day, If the Market crashes tomorrow, you won't loose a single penny. No stress, zero risks. There is no reason to hold a position and risk your money for 6 or 12 months. We teach clear buying and selling signals using the same indicators.