You only need access to the Internet to be a private investor. Putting your money to work for you. Learn from me and many of us here, how we stopped working for other people. I invite you to join our group and soon you can also fire your boss.
Take the Video class or the Class personally with me, practice the same steps that I use daily to make money with the Stock Market. In the private class you will also learn how to increase your prosperity using the Law of Attraction. Feel the adrenaline of seeing your money grow.
When you take the Class, you'll receive text alerts to your phone in real time, the same time I make my trades. So you can copy and duplicate this method while you learn. First on the practice account, following the exercises you learned.

The goal of the ZenMillionaires group is to help each other find more opportunities to buy. We normally buy into large and small companies, such as Ford, Tesla, NetFlix, Home Depot, etc. We sell almost always on the same day, after a 10-40% profit. The group is great to alert each other, with tips and ideas that benefit all.

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It is my pleasure to use my gifts to help you discover yours. You will wake up every morning with gratitude

making your money grow and enjoying more free time.
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As an Investor and Law of Atraction Coach

My goal is to help you align with who you are ‚Äč