Born in Cuba, emigrated to Miami as a teenager. Where he professionally practiced in the field of Real Estate, Personal and Cyber Security and Bodyguard. After working for others for many years, my curiosity about the Law of Attraction, numerology and the Fibonacci spiral led me to the Stock Market. I took several courses, read the best books on the subject but in the end it was like reading the car manual, and still not knowing how to drive. The key was to follow a Mentor's activity live. Later he created this Class and this Group for you.

The objective? To make investing EASIER!

I designed this class for beginners. From the first day you will be watching other Master traders and me. While you learn and practice buying in a demo account in real time. Making investments of only 1-3 days in shares of companies such as Tesla, Ford, etc. Using the same system used by banks and Multimillionaire Investors. There are plenty of opportunities. At least 5-10 each day in which you can earn +20% profits or more, on the same day. That's how starting with only $ 900, little by little I was able to duplicate my money and as you can see, it was all a success!
Several years later, I can say that I have more than I'll ever need. I invest every day in the Stock Market. But in the midst of all this experience a very peculiar idea was born; from a dream. Of those dreams that can bring out a tear:
It was morning in my daily routine. The Stock Markets beeping on the TV, with friends and Cuban coffee. But this time there was something different. The sea breeze brought an aroma that I had not felt since I was a teenager. When I looked out the window, I could not believe it. I was in my beautiful Varadero. On a Prosperous Cuba Libre!

After that day I alerted my friends every time I invested. So they too can copy this method. I put all of my knowledge in this Class and started sharing my activity live! Because I think I'm not the only one who has had this type of dream. I hope my class serves you as the first step to help you achieve financial freedom, and enjoy more free time.

I want you to know this: You can do it!

Ariam MuiƱo-CEO

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