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What sets me apart ?

What sets me apart ?

The story of the ZenMillionaire began with a spiritual journey from deep within the heart of Cuba. From just 9 years old He realized a connection and passion with numbers and the secrets of the universe. Through the law of attraction, he understood that thoughts become things & we all create our experiences. He had a purpose, to bring his easier path to the world. By using the Law of attraction and secret knowledge his example gives clarity the world had not felt since the early times.


 On the year 2012, a global awakening shift into the Age of Aquarius led the ZenMillionaire to find hidden patterns on the stock market with the help of ancient guides, the sacred mystic sciences, and hidden universal secrets.

ZenMillionaire now reclaims his throne and sets on his quest to someday reach his homeland Cuba once again and lead people into illuminating their individual and collective consciousness.

The ZenMillionaire quest takes him on a journey to bring clarity and secrets of the Universe. Brightening up the world with his knowledge of numbers and synchronicity, astrology and with inspirational messages in order to upgrade your life, bring you into abundance and spiritual alignment to source.