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Learn how to use the Stock Market to earn $$


  • Text Alerts for 3 months

  • ​Access to Facebook private group​​​​​

  • Video Class & Workbook/Guide ​

  • Real Time Demo practice account app​​



 Class, Text Alerts and Facebook group  

 12months    $1,199

The easiest Money you’ll ever make, but practice first.

You will do what I teach you in the Class, and you’ll have the skill to make $300 to $6,000 a week, sometimes in a day. Everything I have today is because I took the method banks use to make Millions, and modified it for personal use.

Be your own Boss learning while following our Alerts.
When you are an Investor, you can work anywhere in the World. All you need is an Internet connection and your phone or tablet. With the Text Alerts you can copy and duplicate this method while you learn on the demo account provided. 

Live Mentorship weekly with me on the Facebook group.
Weekly live trading, you are going to talk with me every week. That’s why I do my teaching live, you see when I buy and Sell in Real Time. This way I can help you exactly where you need Help. Plus see live Alerts from other Master traders. 


Private Facebook Group (Members Only)

Access to our private FB group, where you will be part of a community of friends who have your back no matter what. Connect with more people like you, every one helping each other reach our goals. 

It is a pleasure for me to use my gifts to help you discover yours. You will wake up every morning with gratitude making your money and your family grow more stable.

I hope to connect with you soon!

Zen Millonario

​​ Class and WorkBook


-Learn directly from Zen. Step by step how to make money using the

Stock Market. Including the workbook.

  • ​4 Videos/Classes . Step by step how Zen uses the Stock Market 

  • EBook / Workbook, How to duplicate this method

  • Phone app with an Demo Account to Practice in real time

​ Master trader

​ Junior trader





 3months    $369


  • 1 Personal One on One Class with Zen​​​ 

  • Text Alerts for 12 months

  • ​Access to Facebook private group​​​​​

  • Video Class & Workbook/Guide ​

  • Real Time Demo practice account app​​